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Dancity Final Information

 Junior Johnston Heights
• Senior Frank Hurt
• Junior Van Techneek
• Senior Churchill

• Trio Port Moody
• Senior Charles Tupper
• Junior Hugh McRoberts
• Senior Panorama Ridge - Quadrisaurus

• Duo Regent Christian Academy
• Open Rock Embassy
• Duo Fraser Heights
• Senior Windermere
• Junior Fraser Heights
• Senior Regent Christian Academy A Doxology

• Trio Windermere
• Senior Port Moody
• Junior Moscrop
• Open Epiphiphunk
• Junior Moscrop Quartlet
• Senior Semiahoo Secondary
• Junior John Olivier A

• Senior McRoberts
• Junior David Thompson D.O.P.E.
• Open Extinct'd
• Duo Frank Hurt
• Senior RC Palmer
• Trio Frank Hurt B
• Open McNair
• Duo Windermere
• Junior Frank Hurt
• Senior Queen Elizabeth B
• Trio Frank Hurt A
• Senior Regent Christian Academy B

• Junior John Olivier B

• Senior Queen Elizabeth A
• Junior McRoberts
• Break Windermere
• Break Burnaby North

Hey Teams!
Here is a little reminder package/checklist for you! Please read thoroughly and ensure that each item is ticked off and ready for Friday, May 13th.

1) Event Schedule
2)Music file info
3)Judge Sheet
4)Map of school
6)Extra Necessities

NOTE: Teams must be aware of their slot and on deck 3 teams prior to performance.
Teams who do not show up during their time slot, will NOT be rescheduled.
Please recheck the file attached for the schedule. Due to some teams dropping out, we have changed the order slightly.

- Teams should have mp3 files sent in to [ ] no later than May 12th 2011 3:00am.
- Teams should bring with them: 2 separate burnt cds (containing ONLY your routine track) AND a backup ipod/mp3 with routine track on it.
NOTE: Please test your CD on a stereo

- Will be judged on choreography, crowd connection, execution, dance ability & overall routine impression. There will be deductions for inappropriate costumes, music, moves, costume/hair adjustments, and being over time limit.


- PHOTOROOM - There will be a photo room for teams to take group photos in. A slot may not be guaranteed as it is first come first serve. Room will be operating from 3:30pm until 7:00pm.
Photographs will be ready for viewing within 48 hours of the competition. NO FEE

- SPONSOR ROOM - A room will be open for SPONSORS ONLY. Refreshments will be provided.
- PRACTICE SLOTS - From 3:30pm until 5:15pm the performance space will be open to teams for marking. A MAXIMUM OF 2 MINUTES will be allowed in order to accommodate performers. Slots are first come first serve, teams are NOT guaranteed a slot. This slot will be used ONLY for marking transitions and placements, routine music will not be permitted during your 2 min. *Please note that the greenroom for dancers will have the same flooring as the performance area.*

- GREENROOM - Located to the right of performance area, teams will be provided with this room to set belongings down, practice and relax until their performance time. Dancity is NOT responsible for any lost/stolen/damaged belongings.  

- CHANGE ROOMS - Girls change room for dancers only is located in greenroom. Boys change room is located in Performance Area *see map for details*

5)DIRECTIONS via skytrain
SKYTRAIN to 29th Avenue Skytrain Station.
Walk East of Station until you hit Lilloet Street (Along 29th).
Take a left on Lillioet until you reach 27th Avenue.
Enter School from Cul De Sac entrance (Farthest entrance on right side of building - Along 27th)

- Teams must arrive at Windermere between 3:30-4:30pm for registration.
- Don't forget water!
- Music files are due no later than May 12th @ 3:00pm

Most importantly, have fun & goodluck to all performances!


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