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Junior and Senior Dance Teams 2011 - Congratulations!!

*We will be treating the first practice as a call back audition. Please put in your best effort.
*Teams will be finalized Sept. 29th
*If you are on two teams please come to all three practices - we are still deciding where to put you!
*SR - Tues.
* JR - Wed.
*Both teams - Thurs.

Junior Dance Team 2011
Anu Pooni
Veronica Ruiz
MaryJo Whelan
Jessica Nguyen
Wanyae Licerio
Mae Delfino
Latisha Ruteck
Seth Madaong
Anushruti Thatkul
Dianna Larios
Jermie Estrada
Priyanka Samy
Lana Arnold
Alissa Hewton
Jolina Nasol
Omar Ndayiragije

Senior Dance Team 2011
Mike Allocod
Calvin Cruz
Jen Pablo
April Verhaaf
Jessie Nickoriuk
Bianca San Jose
Shelby Pacumio
 Mariah Negrillo
Monica Millena
Latisha Ruteck
Michelle Huynh
Anu Pooni