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Costumes for June Show

June Show Costumes

Block 2: Dance 11/12

Monica’s Rihanna Dance: Bad Gal Ri Ri
-       Black t-shirts bleached by Monica
-       White banadanas
-       Black pants / leggings – nothing see through in the lights
-       Hair: ponytail – all slicked
-       Make-up: Stage make-up
-       Shoes: Black Sneakers

Sewit’s Choreo
-       Bright pink (not neon) accents piece
-       All black everything – no see through leggings (sheer tights – bright lights!)
-       Hair: high pony tail – all slicked back
-       Make-up: Stage make-up
-       Shoes: Black sneakers

Amrit’s Choreo: This is a Warning
-       black t-shirt
-       Black jeans or something similar
-       Bandana attached in back pocket
-       Shoes: Black shoes
-       Hair: pony tail – all slicked back
-       Make-up: Stage make-up

Block 3: Dance 8

Cheesey Movie Dance
·      Red shirt with pillow
·      Black Shorts

Napoleon Dynamite
·      Vote for Pedro shirt
·      Glasses

13 Going on 30
·      Sparkly tank top

Hannah Montana
·      Blue skirt
·      Plaid short sleeved shirt
·      White tank top
·      Cowboy boots or combat boots!
·      Hair down

Mr. Beantastic
·      Brown shirt
·      Black leggings
·      tie

·      Black long sleeve shirt
·      Black long tank top
·      Black leggings
·      Black shoes (or black socks?)
·      Hair pulled back into a ponytail in the middle back of the head and all off the face with no stragglies.
·      Make-up: Basic stage make-up (See blog or get a senior or dance team member to help you)

Lost in the World

·      Arm sleeve tattoos (Frank Hurt costume room)
·      Black leggings – double them up or put shorts underneath so prevent the lights making them see through.
·      Long black tank top
·      Pink or green top (Frank Hurt costume room)
·      Hair in a ponytail all pulled back. (Just keep it in the same one) and add the hair band and bobby pin it good!
·      Make-up: Basic stage make-up

Contemporary – The Funeral
-       Black leggings
-       Black tank top
-       Blue plaid shirts tied up
-       Hair and make-up: same as above

-       Bare feet