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Updated Show Order for June 5th and Missing Music

I am missing the highlighted tracks. All music is due by Wednesday at 9am. Your dance will be removed from the program if there is no music by then. Thank-you!
June Show June 5th
1.   X Block: Latisha and Mark
2.   Block 2: Anushruti Solo
3.   X Block: Joanna and Kim
4.   Block 3: Lost in the World Dance
5.   X Block:Jessica Felix
6.   Block 2: Student Choreo: Babies
7.   X Block: Junior Team: Freshly Baked Muffins
8.   X Block: Kim and Jermie
9.   Block 3: Student Choreo: Cartoons
10.        Block 2: Amrit’s Solo
11.        Block 2: Amrit’s Choreo: This is a Warning
12.        X Block: Kevin, Lucas, Ronesh, Merrick
13.        Block 2: Student Choreo: Summer
14.        Block 3: Contemporary
15.        Block 2: Student Choreo: Black and White
16.        X Block: Calvin and Seth
17.        Block 3: Student Choreo: Hip Hop
18.        X Block: Senior Team: Hot Mess
19.        X Block: Andrea, Jessica D, Ciara and Charlene
20.        X Block: Huy, Nikiel, Jonathan, AJ, and Subrat
21.        X Block: Latisha, Calvin, Jen, Mariah, Jermie, and Kim
22.        Block 2: Monica’s Solo
23.        Block 2: Monica’s Rihanna Choreo: Bad Gal Ri Ri
24.        X Block: Latisha, Mariah, Jen Old Trio
25.        Block 3: Boombastic
26.        X Block: Danielle, Angelica, Johanna
27.        X Block: Jessica and Jazmein
28.        X Block: Break Team
29.        Block 3: Student Choreo: The Little Mermaid
30.        Block 2: Sewit’s Solo
31.        Block 2: Sewit’s Beyonce Choreo
32.        Block 3: Student Choreo: Backstreet Boys
33.        X Block: All Team’s: Simonne’s Dance: The Golden Age
34.        Bow (Block 3, 2, Jr, Break, Sr)
35.        Finale
36.        50/50 Draw and Awards

37.        Cipher