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Outbreak 2015 Where to be When

Hey Everyone!

Outbreak 2015 is just a week or so away. We now have our registration time. 

Please have your dancer or dancers at North Surrey Secondary at 9:25am on Saturday, January 17, 2015. 

The show starts at 1:00 and will run until about 5pm. If you dancer needs to leave after their performance that is fine. If they would like to stay and watch until the awards at the end that is awesome - it is a very fun and exciting day.

There is food for purchase at the competition and a McDonalds across the street. Please send them with either money or food and water. It is a long day and they are going to need their energy.

If you are unable to drive your dancer to the competition please let me know so we can find someone from class that can give him/ her a ride.

If you would like to come and watch, I have $10 tickets in advance or it is $15 at the door.

Thank- you for supporting Frank Hurt Dance.