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Black and Yellow WIP Cotumes

Black and Yellow WIP

Block 2
1. Barbie Musical
Black skirt
Black shorts
White t-shirt
Shoes – black
Socks - colourful
Hair: two French braids with purple ribbon
Make-up: normal stage make-up

2. Adore You
Black leggings
Plain white t-shirt
Partners have one matching costume piece (each pair has a different colour)
Shoes: Black/ white shoes
Hair: half up half down
Make-up: Normal stage make-up with nude or pink lipstick

Block 3
1. Say Hello
Dark coloured pants / shorts with leggings
Black t-shirt (grade 8’s wear your grad shirt)
Shoes: Dark coloured sneakers
Hair: two French braids
Make-up: Normal stage make-up
(Kayla – apron / Jasmine – tiara)

2. Cartoon Break

Dress like your cartoon character