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Field Trip: January 7: Surrey Secondary Dance Festival at the Bell Centre

  • There will be no place or time to change - so if you are in two dances make sure one is under the other or you can throw a costume piece over your first costume. 
  • Block order is 3412 - come to the dance room at the start of block 3 and you return to classes after lunch. 
  • Lunch - bring a lunch for this day. You will not be able to go out and purchase food. (unless you have a spare block in block 1 or 2) 
  • You can only drink water in the theatre at the Bell centre. 
  • You can eat before we leave and probably on the bus if you bring your garbage off the bus with you and don't make a mess :-) 
  • You are not permitted to skip classes after lunch to get food. (Am I repeating myself?) I will let all staff know when we have returned. (Did I have a problem with this in the past or something?) 
  • Please use the facilities before we leave Frank Hurt. Once we get to Sullivan I must escort you to the bathroom in small groups. I will do one run as soon as we get there and hopefully no more. I will be busy taking groups back to dance. You are not permitted to go into the school washroom unescorted because Sullivan is in session and should not be disturbed. 
  • Be kind and use all of your manners with the volunteer ushers. Say please and thank-you and be genuine. 
  • Thank the bus driver as you leave the bus. 
  • Thank Ms. Sirianni if you see her backstage and thank her for organizing this event for us. 
  • Invite your family to come and watch the show - it is free!!! 


  • Costumes
  • Water
  • Lunch