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Breakout 2017 Information / Program / Registration Time: 11:00

Please take note of the following rules and procedures.  Please review with your students ahead of time.  Reminder to all that there is no access to space within the school.  All teams/classes are being held in the small gym.
·       Each school will have a specific time for registration, teachers must arrive with their students.  The entrance for registration is through the main entrance at the top of the school.  The entrance for audience members will be the lower entrance down the stairs near the gym.
·       To make registration faster have students stand in alphabetical order with their Go Cards.
·       Once registered students will be given a stamp and will proceed down the stairs to bag check, from there we ask that teachers take their students to their designated spot in the small gym.  Signs with each school name will be on the wall in the small gym.  Dancers will be allowed to watch in the large gym, but we ask that they are seated on the sides of the stage, sitting on the ground.  Dancers should not be seated in the bleachers with audience members.
·       There is no space for students to run their dances full out, so please be prepared for that.
·       Students have access the bathrooms in the large gym and the bathrooms in the hallway. 
·       Teachers will need to hand in their music on a flash drive to Jordan the DJ.
·       To access bathrooms, large gym entrance (to watch), and concession students will have to exit out the designated exit door from the small gym, walking outside and around to another designated door.
·       There will be a concession set up down the hallway towards the cafeteria, cash only.  The cafeteria / Pitt will NOT be open for students to practice.
·       There will be a NO IN AND OUT policy in effect.
·       Please remind your kids that there can be NO HAIRSPRAY OR HOT IRONS ON THE GYM FLOORS.
·       DANCERS MUST COME TO THE COMPETITION READY WITH HAIR AND MAKEUP, only dancers in multiple dances with varying hair and makeup may occupy the bathroom getting ready. Dancers are sharing the bathrooms with the audience, so please help keep them clean.
·       Outdoor shoes are not allowed on the gym dance area, no boots or black soled shoes that will scuff the floor are permitted.
·       All school rules apply to this event.  Any students who have broken school rules will be asked to leave by our school security team.
Registration Time
10:00 – Panorama Ridge                                    Guilford Park                        LA Matheson                                          
10:20 – Sullivan Heights                                   Fleetwood Park                   Johnston Heights
10:40 – North Surrey                                       Enver Creek                            Queen Elizabeth
11:00 – Princess Margaret                                Frank Hurt

11:15 – Lord Tweedsmuir                                 Kwantlen Park