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Costumes for Dance Show Dec. 15, 2016

Block A
Jump: Melanie & Saron
Big backwards jeans
Shirt tucked in and backwards

Cha Cha: Natasha
Up to Natasha

Soulja Boy: Sharon & Sarah
Sideways white hat and soulja boy white glasses (We might have glasses in costume room to write on)
Matching baggy pants

Apple Bottom Jeans: Taryn
Shirt is tighter
Jeans are tighter
Tank top tucked in
Boots with fur

Beyonce: Leandra & Hannah
Black super thick leggings (lights can shine through)
Heels (must be practiced in) you two decide. (You don’t have to)

JuJu: Maryam, Abigail, Mystina
Black jeans
Pink Bandanas

Carlton: Khushey
Tie a sweater (pin it) around your neck
Pleated dress pants
Dress shoes

Everyone else:
Pink shirts
Black leggings
Black shoes
Pink or black socks
Hair: Bun on top of head (doughnut)
Make-up: Normal stage make-up

Block B
White t-shirts
Black leggings or black pants (do a legging check to make sure the lights don’t shine through – if they do wear two)
Black shoes
Black socks
Hair: two French braids
Make-up: Normal stage make-up

Dance Teams please talk with your coaches.