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Dance Show Tonight! Ice Ice Baby!

Ice Ice Baby
Students arrive at 5:45
Door open to the Audience at 6:45
Show starts at 7:00
Show ends at 8:45ish
Students picked up at 9:00

Fundraisers: Flowers for $5 and 50/50 draw

Show order:
1. Junior Breakdance

2. Senior Open

3. MJ Tribute

50/50 Draw

4. Alison Azurdia Solo

5. A_Maneater: Choreography by Alison Azurdia

6. C_Student Choreographies: Music Videos

7. B_Student Choreographies: Lady Gaga

8. A_Student Choreopgraphies: Beyonce

9. B_Money: Choreography by Melissa Medalla

10. Junior Hip Hop

11. Senior Breakdance

12. C_Love Adidas

13. Senior Hip Hop

14. Finale: Block: C, A, B, Jr’s, BBoys, Sr’s

Flowers & Thank-Yous!

15. Cipha