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Welcome back to SCHOOL in 2010!! Block Order: ABCD

I will be collecting journals the first week back - good news - journals are done for the semester!!!

Sweatpants will not be done till Friday. I am sorry - It is not my fault!! There have been many difficulties this year with the sweatpants and I know we are all looking forward to wearing them ... I freaked out on the phone today when I heard they would not be done.. but I have to just roll with the punches! Next year my goal is to have them done by OCTOBER! I don't want to talk about this anymore.. but.. if you paid $40 you will be getting $5 back. That is good right?

Bell Centre permission forms need to be in by Thursday, January 7th. The field trip is Friday from 8:30- 12. Please meet in the dance room first thing in the morning to get ready - and be in your costumes!! This is for block A, B, and C.

Our dress rehearsal is Friday, January 8 from 3-5pm. Please have all of your make up classes made up by Friday morning at 8:30. Dress Rehearsal is mandatory!

Coaches I need your music for Breakout - I have to send it in Friday - so have it to be my Thursday LATEST!! THANKS!! You can e-mail it to me now if you are done.

Friday is also the deadline for FOOTLOOSE tickets - $8. If you don't get them by then you have to try to get them at the door.

I also have tickets for BREAKOUT they are $10 each - why not get both your tickets at the same time?

Our dance show is January 14th. We are doing two shows: one in the afternoon for elementary school kids and one in the evening for family and friends. You can get your tickets from Ms. J and choose your seats - first come first serve for the best seats - tickets are $5. I will have those ready by Tuesday!! Show times: 12:30-2:30 for the elementary school kids and our normal show you have to arrive at 5:45 and the doors will open at 6:45 the show will start at 7 and should run till about 9.. or 8:45??

FINALLY - we have a dance competition: Breakout at the Bell Centre on Saturday Jan. 16 - I don't know what time our registration is yet - but it will probably be around 10am. The show will start at 1:00 and the doors will open to the public at 12:30. We should be out of there around 4pm. All dance classes and teams are competing!!

There will be a party class on Monday, January 18!!! YAY!!


  1. It will be great to watch Footloose,i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.


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