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Footloose Information: Practice and Photo Schedule - MEET THERE AT 4pm


Attached is the updated version of the private practice and photo studio schedule.

Reminder to e-mail your team(s) mix to: [ ] by February 4th (the sooner the better...since we need to organize the files....thank you to those schools who already have!). *We are trying to reduce our global footprint.

The competition will be held in our gym.  So when you are turning into the Palmer parking lot, stay to your right and go straight to the back of the school (you can park anywhere in the back).  The main doors to the gym is where competitor registration will be held.  There will be teachers there to assist you.  Please do not show up earlier than 3:20pm, as we will be setting up the school for the competition.  Also, to make the sign in process go faster and easier, we request that you sign in when all your members are present and if the Sponsor Teacher could be the one in the front.

See you in a few days!



*Below is the time that your team is signed up for, if

you miss it, we will not be able to reschedule you due to

the number of competitors.

This is your allotted time schedule for private practice:

3:30-3:34pm MacNeill Senior 3:35-3:39pm Mac Neill Junior

3:40-3:44pm Cambie Senior 3:45-3:49pm Mc Nair Senior

3:50-3:54pm Mc Roberts A Senior 3:55-3:59pm Mc Roberts B Senior

4:00-4:04pm John Oliver Senior 4:05-4:09pm Tupper Senior

4:10-4:14pm Churchill Senior 4:15-4:19pm Killarney Senior

4:20-4:24pm Frank Hurt Senior 4:25-4:29pm Moscrop Senior

4:30-4:34pm LA Matheson Senior 4:35-4:39pm Burnaby Mt Senior

4:40-4:44pm Sullivan Heights Senior 4:45-4:49pm Moscrop Junior

4:50-4:54pm Frank Hurt Junior 4:55-4:59pm Sullivan Heights A Junior

5:00-5:04pm David Thompson Junior 5:05-5:09m Port Moody BBoy/Girl

5:10-5:14pm Sullivan Heights B Junior 5:15-5:19pm Frank Hurt A BBoy/BGirl

5:20-5:24pm Palmer Junior 5:25-5:29pm Frank Hurt B Bboy/Girl

5:30-5:34pm Windermere BBoy/Girl 5:35-5:39pm Windermere Senior

5:40-5:44pm Palmer Bboy/Girl 5:45-5:49pm Palmer Senior

*Due to the number of dance teams, there will not be private

practice time allotted for duo/trios.

*There will also be a photo studio set up for team

photographs that can be purchased at a nominal

price. See attached form. Below is the photo studio



3:30-3:40pm: Mc Nair

3:40-3:50pm: David Thompson

3:50-4:00pm: Port Moody

4:00-4:10pm: Mac Neill

4:10-4:20pm: Cambie

4:20-4:30pm: Killarney

4:30-4:40pm: Mc Roberts

4:40-4:50pm: John Oliver

4:50-5:00pm: Sir Charles Tupper

5:00-5:10pm: Sir Winston Churchill

5:10-5:20pm: LA Matheson

5:20-5:30pm: Frank Hurt

5:30-5:40pm: Moscrop

5:40-5:50pm: Sullivan Heights

5:50-6:00pm: Port Moody

6:00-6:10pm: King George

6:10-6:20pm: Windermere

*Please see attached Photo Form for pricing*


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