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Dance Burn Out - Am I teaching you the right thing?

I wanted to teach you all to be dedicated to dance. I can see now that a lot of you .. including myself ... are burning out. I know that I have bitten off more than I can chew this year. I knew it when I planned this crazy schedule but I couldn't say no.

What I want to teach you is to love dance, to enjoy life, to be strong, and committed, but also to take care of yourselves. I want you to have balance. I want you to be good well rounded people.

So, if I am leading by example, I am teaching you how to do too much. I need to take care of myself. I need to have a life - and I mean sleep. You need this too.

SO!!!!!!!! When I went for my run yesterday - 14.5km - I know.. I am crazy... and I did that right after I did a 1.5 hour hot yoga class... I know.. which I was trying to make-up for all the classes and runs I have missed because of field trips, dance parties... practices... I then decided to cook - and ate it and puked it all up.. why? Because I am trying to do it all... and I can't!! Anyways - I thought of a couple of ways to make next year better... when I was running.. I can think good then.. I would like your feedback and ideas too... (I am just trying to teach myself to cook - haha.. that could be the problem too.. but I am pretty sure it was dehydration...)

Here are a few of my ideas:

I think that students should be limited to dancing on two teams. I was toying with the idea of being involved with two teams - so that would include coaching too... but I am not sure that will work.

This year we will have competed in five competitions. I would like to bring that back down to 4. I think you should get to vote on which four you would like to participate in as well.

I think I should do the attendance at the beginning of each practice and if you come in late you have to come see me in the office.

I want to go back to the 4th practice missed off the team - no notes!!! If you are removed from the team for attendance you have to wait a year before you can be back on the team.

I would like to only come in two mornings at 7am. WHAT??? I know.. but I have a plan. We could use the theatre in the mornings too and alternate each week who gets the mirror. It will be good practice dancing without the mirror. This could be good for making friends with people from other teams too - making us more of a cohesive unit.

Each team should have an outing - a get to know each other event - organized by the coaches... at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year... like meet for dinner ... somewhere close and get to know each other.. or go ice skating.. or swimming... something not dance.

I think we should go to learn from new teachers - try to get a dance convention organized where we can learn with new teachers.. and with the kids that we compete against... instead of competing. Because we should all be friends no matter what school we are from - because it won't matter when you are out of school. What will matter is that you are all dancers and you share that love. I have to say though.. I am proud of all of you for this already. I love the way you interact with other schools. It makes me proud :)

WHoa.. that was a lot more than I thought about on my run... I would like you to share your thoughts and ideas with me. This is how I learn.. and how we can make things better :)


  1. i really liked the convention idea! sounds really awesome. i think the other schools would really enjoy it to

  2. so if you got kicked out of a team , and you didnt get kicked off because of attendence can you still join ??

  3. i dont get the attendence thing.

  4. First - years ago the rule was: If you got removed from the team because of missed practices you were not allowed back on the team again for a whole other year!!! I thought that was harsh but it does give you good motivation to not miss practices. Also - the kids that I let back on the team the next year who have been removed for missed practices are the same kids who only last a few months on the team before they miss practices... AGAIN - so it isn't really fair to the team.. you know? SO - I am thinking of changing it back to that next year. If you were removed for attendance this year this rule will not apply to you but if you are removed for attendance next year.. if I make it a rule... if we make it a rule .. then it will take effect next year. That being said, I always take into account previous years attendance when choosing a new team.

  5. Second - the attendance thing:

    I think that I will take the attendance at the beginning of each practice. This will help us to start right on time and give you a chance to ask me any questions. This also means that the coaches attendance will be kept more carefully and fairly. If you come in late you have to come and see me in the office and I can tell you how many more you have left and remind you of the importance of getting to practice on time to be a good team player...

    RIGHT!!??? That is a good idea??? no???

  6. souuunnndsss gooooooot ;)

  7. I LIKKKEE IT !! xD


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