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Junior Dance Team - Let's talk about it anonymously...

Hey! I know there is something going on.. let's try to fix it and bring it in the last two competitions. I want you to want to be there and I want you to try hard and have fun!! What can I do to make your experience better? What can your coaches do? What can you do? What should we all stop doing??? You can leave anonymous comments on this blog and we can talk about it next practice. Please do not use your name or the names of others. Please try to pinpoint the ideas as opposed to causing more drama.. you know what I mean right???

OK!! This is for the betterment of the team! Let's make this work.. we got Kelowna ahead of us, Outbreak, and next year!!! We are the future... well you are... hahaha!!

Thanks for participating in advance. Every person should have a voice and power!!


  1. i think we should do some team bonding excersises! those are fun and could really help us cus some of us don't know eachother very well.

  2. mark and simon need to calm down in practices

  3. Simon isn't on junior dance team - and Mark is calm!! If you read above we were not using NAMES!!!

    Team bonding exercises... good idea!!

  4. oh srry okay let me refraise this... The Jr.bboys should listen to their coach

  5. every practice, most of us think that the coaches are wasting the practice time.because they get distracted they talk about stuffs that aren't related to the practice.and they barely add some moves. because as dancers, we want to try something new.and we do the same thing my co dancers i want you to try you're best at every practices. so that we can get better. thats all i have to say for now.

  6. lmfao whos ever comment that was about simon and mark. that made my day!
    and i think the team should have a get together party or atleast a hang out day. that'll be fun.

  7. I totally understand about pracitices being wasted - I don't like to see that either since I am also giving up my time to be here with you. When I am in a dance class I like to learn too - but we must also remember that these coaches are also students that are learning - I still go off topic... that is a hard one to get under control!!! But you are right.. it is something that I work on to this day... and somedays I give up.. cause I am a story teller.

  8. we should have a circle and then express our feelings about others and how we can improve !


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