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Kelowna Parent Meetings - LAST TWO - Thursday, April 15, 4pm or Friday, April 16, 7am

Thank-you to all the parents that came to the parent meeting we had after the Works in Progress show. You made my life a lot easier. We have a lot of students involved with dance and it is a lot of work putting on these field trips. However, I believe that it is worth it. I believe the students get a great experience and they deserve it for all of the hard work they have put in to dance team throughout the year or years!!

I have not met parents of the following people:
Brendon Sharma
Cierra Germaine
Janica Sanfelices
Kevin Luong
LeiAnne Corpuz
Rheann Whelan

I am offering two final dates for you to meet with me. I don't want anyone to miss out so I look forward to meeting with you on either of the following dates:
Thursday, April 15, 4pm or Friday, April 16, 7am

I am sorry for the late notice but we have been very busy!!

Thank-you for your time and consideration!!