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Volunteer Ushers for Outbreak: Please read

I really enjoyed the show last night! I can hardly wait to watch the video and see it all.

If you want to give me five ushers at 9:30 to put the names of the schools on the seats. We will have laminated signs that will be taped to rows to identify where students are seated. At 10 schools start to arrive and these girls can show the schools there sections.

The other ushers should be at the theatre around 12 before the general public arrives.

They all will be given Outbreak shirts and a flashlight. The shirt they can keep but the flashlight comes back to us.

They will be responsible for making sure people do not leave or try to enter the theatre while someone is performing. They will make sure that people do not bring food or drinks into the theatre. They will also keep an eye on anyone that is putting their feet on the backs of the chair in front of them. If anyone is being a total jerk, then the ushers will go and get our real security (my husband, Lucie's husband, the school liasons) and they will expel the people.

We will have a set of ushers at the bottom theatre doors to guide dancers back stage to the green room. So as you can see there job will be ushering people to their seats. When the general population comes in we will fill the bottom theatre first then the top.


Coutney Goertzon

Vickey Dong

Ashley Stewart

Ashley Trepanier

Shilpa Narayan

Ayesha Khan

Andrew Galang

Harman Dhillon

Sybil San Jose

Josh Dominguez

Jerome Estrada

Christian Manantan


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