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Outbreak Memo to Teachers, Dancers and Parents


10238 – 168TH ST. SURREY, B.C.

PARKING: When you enter the parking lot the theatre is located to the far right of the school in a separate building. Please follow the parking lot attendants who will assist you in parking when the lots get full. There is a basketball tournament inside the school on Saturday so there will be plenty of traffic. If you are dropping off students there is a front drive round about that you may use but please drive with care as there will be many excited students.

TICKETS: Tickets are available at the door for $15.00. There will be discounts for small children.

Dancers must make their own transportation arrangements to and from the event.

All dancers will enter in the front of the theatre and register. Please have your I.D. and their will be security checks. Do not bring valuables. Students are not allowed to leave the Pacific Academy sight. There is a concession in the theatre with light snacks only so please bring nutritious food for snacks.

Teachers please line your students in alphabetical order for speed in registration.

Please have students in their costumes. The students will be able to do touch ups on hair and make-up in the change rooms backstage, but they should be ready to dance when they arrive.

When arriving the dancers will register, then an usher will take them to their seats where they can put down their bags. They will then be taken back stage the same way that they will travel when the competition is running. They will go through the back holding area, into the green room, then be called to the stage.

Back stage the green room is quite large and will hold two groups while one is in the wing and one group is on stage performing. There are change rooms equipped with toilets for dancers in the hold.

There is no food or drinks allowed in the theatre. Please respect the ushers as they are volunteers. We really want to be able to return to Chandos Pattison theatre in the future so please discuss with your classes proper behaviour. Do not put on make-up or use hair products while in the theatre, use the washrooms only. Please leave the washroom and change rooms tidy.

Students and spectators can only exit or enter the theatre between performances.

The show is very full and will run until 4 p.m with awards to follow. Students should be finished by 4:30ish.

When on stage please have all the dancers exit from the left staircase, so the next team can start as soon as possible. The stage area is not as large as the Bell centre so it is important that dancers exit from the front. If have the coach retrieve any items left in the green room.

Please ask your students to be a respectful audience. We love the clapping and words of encouragement but if someone is yelling all the way through a dance it can be very distracting for the dancers and the audience.

Finally, we want everyone to feel success at this event. If each one of us lets another person from a different school know that we appreciate their contribution to Outbreak it will build a feeling of community.

The talent that we as teachers have helped foster over the years is very evident at Outbreak. Give yourself a big pat on the back because you deserve it! Bravo to all the teachers and coaches you are doing an outstanding job!